15 June 2010

Isaiah 55:2. Wipe that smirk off your face.

I've always been reluctant to get very much use out of this thing, the blog, because I'm afraid I'll just come out whiny.  Advance apologies if my fears prove well-founded.

I need to do this because I suffer from a rare disease that causes my sense of self to diminish to dangerous levels if I don't emit words.  And since my journal got stolen last month and I haven't yet begun to replace it, this is where I do my exercises.  I said I suffered from a rare disease-- I was joking, and I probably shouldn't be joking because there are probably people who really do have diseases like that.  Furthermore, it's probably abundantly clear to everyone that this disease, if we're serious about calling it that, is actually not rare at all.

I was going to write a lot this summer.  Instead so far I've just played rock and roll.  Which has its own rewards.  One of the main rewards is being in a band called Casanova Frankenstein.
Come see us play this Friday, 18 June, at 8:00 pm, at 184 E. 500 N.  With my friends The Brocks.


13 June 2010

I made it home safely.

In case you are wondering what happened in the last few days of our trip, now that we've been back for a month, we just wrote about them.