19 November 2009

"My Life" Flashed b4 my eyes!!!

Sorry I haven't blogged in awhile! I know all of you readers out there around the world have all just been on pins and needles waiting for my next post!! :)

WEll here it is b/c OMG I was awoken from my blogging slumber and shocked into ACTION! last night because !!! news flash !!!


And it was like it lighted up the whole sky, seriously, as bright as DAY, and then it all went dark again. Like a fireball, but then it disappeared. So anyways they were talking about it on tv and some scientist guy was like, Oh, it broke into a jillion pieces. I was all, like, Where did they all fall??? 'cuz that could give you some serious brain damage, LOL. But I guess all the pieces just disappeared. And on tv they were all talking about how they though it was the end of the world, and there life flashed before theyr'e eyes and all that, and I'm like, OMG!! 'cuz we were totally just talking about metafores in my english class and this is TOTALLY a metafore about........

(can you guess it??)


I know, deep, huh??? But, think about it, it totally IS!!! B/c you're born, like, a baby, like, nobody sees you right? Well I mean they see you but, you know, you're little. A little light!!! Then you grow up in a flash of glorius light (yay COLLEGE!!! woot woot) and then you get old and broken down and then you die. OH!!! And you even get BURRIED IN THE EARTH!!! And a meteor gets burried in the earth to!

So, anyways, thats my deep thoughts for the day LOL! Just thought you would all like to hear about my genious metafore. Thanks prof. Johnson!!!

18 November 2009


This is what a feminist looks like.

Viva WRI.

17 November 2009

Food, Inc.

Chickens now produce more meat in less time (why is this bad?).

Multinational corporations are just trying to make profits (why is this surprising?).

And all food is corn. Why? Because the US government's subsidies to corn farmers cause them to produce way more corn than people demand, making it so cheap that food companies include it in their products to take the place of actual food, which is more expensive. High Fructose Corn Syrup. Maltodextrin. Di-glycerides. I don't even know what these are, but apparently they all come from corn. And they make junk food cheaper relative to more nutritional food, creating a system of incentives that perpetuates diabetes and obesity, especially among the poor. But that still doesn't exhaust the massive surplus of corn produced by American farmers. So we send it to Africa, where it's so cheap that people eat it rather than buy food from African farmers, who subsequently go out of business, leaving the country dependent on US "aid."

Answer: kill subsidies.