17 December 2008

Math Brains.

I just took my first final exam. I chose not to worry about any other ones until after this one was behind me, because it was the one I was most worried about: Economics. Sometimes people who know me ask me, puzzled, why I'm studying economics. Sometimes I ask myself that. Probably about every day. Especially on days like that day a few weeks ago when I got a 77% on my Econ midterm and a glistening 100% on my English midterm. Frustrating. But I just know that buried down beneath all the qualitative, relative, complex, inconclusive, human, intellectual flotsam strewn all over my mind, are my Math Brain Muscles, atrophied and anemic from so many years without seeing the sunlight. And I refuse to let them wither and die. Why? Because of the singular satisfaction, like that I had this morning, of figuring out how to solve problems and knowing you nailed The Right Answers.

Hold on, Math Brains -- I'm coming.